2025 Gavin Pearce makes a name for himself at Averett University Elite Camp

Although Gavin hasn’t competed on the camp schedule as much as some guys have, he didn’t let that reflect on his performance! Gavin proved that he could compete at the required level as he continually cut to the basket for easy scores off a teammate’s assist, knocked down some jumpers from different spots, and guarded multiple guys at a high level! Although these things seem to be lost at some camps, Head Coach David Doino and Assistant Coach Keyshawn Lewis EMPHASIZED from the start of the day, that those intangibles were very important to Averett Basketball! After talking to the coaches, I was pleased as they complimented me about Gavin and how he was continually moving at a high pace and his willingness to work and play hard, as well as having a nice rounded game with a “sweet looking” shot. Gavin is planning on returning to Averett University to watch a game very soon!

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