ADDIE WILHOIT…Know the name now!!

Addie Wilhoit, Tennessee High School, Class of 2027, is a name that is familiar in East Tennessee but I can guarantee you that in the very near future, her name will be known by all! Addie is now a freshman at Tennessee High School but has already logged 2 years on varsity while playing up on varsity at Providence Academy as a 7th and 8th grader. As a 7th grader, Addie scored 621 points (21.4 ppg) and scored 604 (21.6 ppg) as a 8th grader, while playing on varsity for Head Coach Damon Johnson.

What stands out to GameDay Recruiting about Addie is her attitude and demeanor that she displays while on the hardwood, as she never shows any high or low emotions and just continues to hoop and let her game do the “talking for her.” This is maturity beyond her years because, trust me, I have seen players with less skill do a “whole lot of talking” to tell others how good they are, while Addie just continues to play! Since I have started watching Addie play this season with her Tennessee High Vikings team, I have witnessed her play within the team’s offensive strategy and be a playmaker for her teammates and then at other times, she just takes over the game!!! This was proven in a recent game when the Tennessee High Vikings were playing their rival West Ridge Wolves in an away game. The game went back and forth the entire game and when the 4th quarter started, it was ADDIE TIME! I think Addie scored 12-15 points straight as she finished the night with 47 points, with 8 made three pointers and 15 made free throws on the night! This game saw her set or tie 3 school records for points, 3 pointers, and made free throws! Addie has also won several 3 point shooting competitions, 1 as overall champion as she competed against the boys competitors! Keep grinding Addie…we are proud of you!

Stay tuned for more info on Addie as her recruitment is picking up steam as she has interest from Davidson, Evansville, Miami/Ohio, UT Chattanooga, and ETSU (planning a visit soon)

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