GameDay Recruiting welcomes Frantz Pierre Jr. of Oak Hill Academy

Class of 2025 Frantz Pierre Jr, Oak Hill Academy Red, is the newest member of the GameDay Recruiting family. Frantz is a player that needs to be on college coaches radar now, as he just finished up his junior season for Coach Cliff Conley. Frantz is a low maintenance type of player that just gets things done, as proven as he carries a 4.6 gpa in the classroom! This is no easy feat to do, as his days are usually very busy with classroom work, basketball, and other extra-curricular activities that Frantz participates in while being a student.

Frantz’s game consists of being a very fierce competitor on the defensive side of the ball and loves to create steals with his pressure defensive mindset! The ability to guard and contest allows multiple opportunities for fast breaks and easy scores for his teammates. Frantz also excels at getting downhill and playing above the rim and finishing with some style. One thing I have noticed about Frantz is the willingness and enjoyment that he gets from making passes to his teammates for easy scoring opportunities. He does a great job of getting “two feet in the paint” and delivering the ball at the most critical time, and loves doing it! But don’t get caught expecting Frantz to just being a facilitator, as he has proven to be a very adapt scorer from all three levels….from raining down three pointers to finishing at the rim! He is just an exciting player to watch!

We are looking forward to watching Frantz’s AAU season and recruiting progress, as this will be a very busy spring and upcoming summer. Stay tuned for more info and video concerning Frantz upcoming in the near future….

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