Peyton “Reece” Rodriguez makes it official…Commits to Pfeiffer University!!!

Class of 2024 Peyton “Reece” Rodriguez made it official yesterday as he made his commit to the Pfeiffer University Falcons basketball program! Reece and his family said that the family atmosphere and the warm welcome by Coach Schoch and his staff made a huge impact during their recent visit! Reece has always been a very impactful player and one of the best true point guards that I have watched recently. Reece truly enjoys running a team and having a part in a teammates success!!! I really feel like Pfeiffer stole an “under the radar” player and teams will look back and wish that they would have gotten in on Reece earlier! Reece is a gym rat and a tireless worker who relishes in the grind and we, at GameDay Recruiting, can’t wait to see how far that Reece progresses and grows! So, CONGRATULATIONS Reece, it has been fun watching you play and an honor to play a small part in your journey!!! We will be over to watch you play next season for sure…..GO FALCONS!

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