Rosch-Stephen Kouassi is the latest to join GameDay Recruiting!

Coming from the traditional rich Oak Hill Academy, Kouassi is welcomed to the GameDay family. Kouassi is a very athletic hooper who can do a little bit of everything and do it well!  Rosch-Stephen Kouassi, came to Oak Hill Academy from the Ivory Coast( West Africa), when he left when he was 15 years old and came to the U.S, to keep pursuing my dream to become a collegiate basketball player and furthering my education. Kouassi has proven to be a leader, a vocal person, and someone who lifts people up. Stephen is a 6’8 athletic three, with length who can play multiple positions, guard 1 to 5, strong rebounder who finishes well around the rim and can score at all three levels. He also excels in pick and rolls and passes well in a high low set. He also won MIP( Most Improved Player) of the year my first year at Victory Christian, and was voted 1st team All Conference last year and 2nd team All CMAC with Oak Hill Red this year. We look for college coaches to really be active in the recruitment on Kouassi very soon!

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