Ty Glasper is on fire and is a huge problem for opponents!!!

Ty Glasper, 2025 Guard for Gatlinburg Pittman High School, Gatlinburg, TN is setting off fire alarms all over East Tennessee as he is scorching the nets and dominating games lately with his vast arsenal of offensive skills! Although he has a huge offensive game, Ty has a very effective defensive skill set as he continually creates turnovers and gets steals from his pressure defense. Ty entered his junior season approaching the 2000 point total and after a 60 point explosion last week followed up by a 42 point outburst, Ty is only 100 points away from the milestone!

Having had the opportunity to coach Ty in AAU with my NLPB Team Select in July, I found out quickly how good this young man is already! He has the ability to score from all three levels at a highly efficient rate, from deep three’s to contested finishes at the rim….Ty Glasper can do it all! But to me, what set him apart from others is his ability and personality to make everyone around him better!!! Ty can hoop….we all know that for sure…but he plays the game well and lets his game do the talking for him. I watched him play and noticed how quickly that he made sure that every player on the team felt like they themselves, were the most important player on the floor or bench!!! That to me as a coach and as a person who helps a little with recruiting is a dream come true and will prove to be a very important part to any college coach looking for a successful piece for their culture puzzle! This was proved when he participated in the Jay Bilas Camp over the summer and was named 1 of 3 MVP participants. I totally expect Ty’s recruiting to take off in the near future! Coaches need to get on board now!!!!!

Ty has offers now from Trevecca, Tusculum, Maryville College and has very recently picked up some high interest from USC Upstate, IUPUI, Randolph Macon, Belmont, and Lander University.



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