Welcome to the GameDay Recruiting family Luke Lohoff

GameDay Recruiting would like to introduce you to Luke Lohoff, Class of 2024, of Homelife Academy, Kingsport, TN. Luke plays for the Kachea Wildcats, where he is led by Head Coach Jeff Fisher. Luke led the team in rebounding last season, all from the guard position. While speaking with Coach Fisher recently, it is easily understood that Luke will have more responsibilty placed upon him for this season. Luke is a efficient shooter from beyond the arc, but may be at his best when he is using his athletic ability to get out on fast breaks and attacking the rim, where he can finish with contact. Luke’s attention to an off season workout plan has increased his physicality on the floor this season. Even with Luke playing at the guard position, he led the Kachea Wildcats in rebounding last season and will be expected by Coach Fisher to continue to lead the team again this season. When I had a couple of opportunities to watch practices, one thing that I noticed rather quickly, is how excited Coach Fisher had the players ready to give their maximum effort and that every player gave it their best…but right in the middle of it all, was Luke Lohoff, leading the way, just like a leader should be doing!

“Luke is a pleasure to coach and is also a guy that I never have to wonder about if he’s ready to play, ” said Head Coach Jeff Fisher. “Luke is always giving me 110% and is such a role model to the younger guys on the team, as he teaches them how to prepare and play the game the right way! I am expecting Luke to have an even bigger season than he did last year because of how stronger he has became and how he will benefit from having a very successful off season!”

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