Player Profile


Jackson Hobbs

Age 17
Height 6'6
Weight 180
School Elizabethton High School
GPA 3.6
Class 2024

Player Bio

I’m Jackson Hobbs, a 6’6 Forward from Elizabethton High School. I have been in love with the game of basketball ever since I got my first Little Tykes Hoop when I was 2. I pride myself on being extremely coachable and willing to incorporate coaching feedback to enhance my skills as a player. I have a great work ethic that helps me to develop and get ready for the next level. I am able to move like a guard while still bringing a big man presence to the team I am on. I am very lengthy and have the ability to stretch the floor and can score at all three levels. I can force/create turnovers on the perimeter while also having the ability to protect the rim. I am thankful for Coach Cassell and Gameday Recruiting’s investment in me and their assistance in helping me achieve my goal of playing basketball at the collegiate level.