Player Profile


Peyton “Reece” Rodriguez

Age 18
Height 5'11"
Weight 165
School Hendersonville High School
GPA 3.0
Class 2024

Player Bio

Hello my name is Peyton Reece Rodriguez. I'm a student- athlete that puts God first and family. My inspiration is my Grandmother who I lost at the age of 12. She pushed me to be a good citizen, be humble and work hard. A lot of hardships I've had thru my young age has help me overcome life obstacles. My GPA is 3.0. I will be graduating in 2024. I am a combo guard at Hendersonville High School in North Carolina where I have been loyal to my school. My travel ball team is NLPB from Asheville/ Hendersonville, NC. I'm still young and battle everyday to stay focused and disciplined on my destination, but life its a constant battle of ups and downs. My leadership skills and my vision to set up teammates is my biggest attribute for my team. I would prefer to attend a small college to earn a degree, play basketball and continue to focus on my growth without any distraction from the outside. My dream is to one day be a coach and a mentor. NCAA#2106216632