Channing Disibbio doing it all for the G-Men of Graham High School

Class of 2027 Channing Disibbio has been playing like a guy that has played varsity ball for several years, so it’s understandable why people are shocked when they find out that is a 2027 hooper!! What stands out about Channing is his willingness to do whatever it takes to help the team win. He can not only guard his man all over the floor, he possess’s a feel for the game that allows him to know exactly when to leave his man and create a double team with a teammate for a steal. This is a skill that is given, not learned! Channing has a great outside shot, but the thing that shows his maturity, is that he just don’t stand “out there” and wait for an open three to present itself. He attacks the paint where he has a very good pull up game and a very effective “float game”. Channing is like a Swiss Army knife for the Graham G-MEN…whatever is needed, he is willing to do!!!

As Channing gets older and stronger, GameDay is very very excited to be on the journey with him, because Channing will be a major force the next few years…you just wait and see!

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