Caleb Eaves will be one that you will want to know!!!

Caleb Eaves, David Crockett High School, Class of 2026, will definitely be a name to listen for in the very near future! It seems like every time that I see Caleb, he is getting taller, longer, and stronger, and when you add that to an already extremely athletic guy that can a lot of things very well, it’s a recipe for a very successful player! Caleb has proven to be a guy that can come into a game and hit a big three or lead the fast paced Pioneer offense on a fast break, where he does an extremely great job of getting the ball to an open teammate! At a recent game, I watched Caleb go through warmups and shoot from the corner and wing, and knock down 8-10 three pointers in a row, with a perfect ball rotation and with relatively ease! I knew right then that Caleb had been continuing to work on his craft. When you put Caleb’s work ethic, growth, passion, and his already proven skill set together, I think the ceiling is going to be very high for Caleb! Pay attention in the very near future and be ready to hear the name Caleb Eaves!

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