McGuire means “go” to Pioneer’s basketball program!

Brody McGuire, David Crockett High School (Class of 2026), brings a lot to each and every game that he plays for Coach Connell and the Pioneer program. When I watch a team play, I like to watch an decide, in my own opinion, about what makes this team “go”. When watching David Crockett High School play, it doesn’t take long to know that 2026 pg Brody McGuire is that guy for the Pioneers! Brody possesses an uncanny ability to not only know “when” to throw the pass, but most importantly, “where” to deliver it. Although sometimes Brody delivers the flashy, no look pass, he is quick to tell me that the best passes are the ones that gets his teammates easy scores and layups!

“Brody does an excellent job of running our sets and getting us into our sets,” added Coach Connell, “and he does a lot of things good for us, from scoring and rebounding, making assists, but more importantly, he keeps everyone engaged and involved!” That is the ingredients of a true pg and a coach on the floor! I have even noticed that when I am there watching Brody play and I see a cutting teammate and I’m thinking “I’d make that pass”, Brody is already making that pass! The Pioneer basketball program is definitely a very solid team that has proven to be able to contend for championships. Coach Connell has numerous weapons, but it’s sure nice to have Brody running the point and being an the catalyst for what makes the Pioneer team “go!”

Brody currently has an offer from Lee’s McRae.

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